A Place of Your Own?

This month’s article for Elite Franchise Magazine kicks off the year with a look at exclusivity in franchise agreements.  Most franchise networks offer their franchisees “exclusivity”, but that doesn’t always mean exactly what you think it might.  There are almost always some exceptions when either the franchisor, or another franchisee […]

Finance and Legals

Franchises are available at all investment levels from a few hundred pounds to several million.  In many cases, funding a franchise means taking on some form of bank borrowings.  The December issue of Elite Franchise Magazine looks at obtaining finance for a franchise business and the different types of security […]

Minimum Performance Clauses in Franchise Agreements

It’s fundamental to the success of all franchise networks that franchisees maintain certain standards; and there is a basic level of performance that all franchisees need to exceed.  This month’s article for Elite Franchise Magazine takes a look at the minimum performance clauses typically found in franchise agreements. Minimum Performance […]

Do Your Homework Before You Sign A Franchise Agreement

We all know that you should do your homework before signing any legal agreement, but what should you be checking?  This article for August’s edition of Elite Franchise Magazine focusses on the questions you should ask when choosing a franchise network and how to spot some of the potential pitfalls […]

Do You Really Know What A Contract Is?

Did you know that legally binding contracts don’t always have to be in writing, don’t have to be signed and could be formed more easily than you may think?  This month’s article for Elite Franchise Magazine explains more about how contracts can be formed and how to avoid being “accidentally” […]